Jared (Part Owner) & Joyce Strite



My wife and I were both brought up on dairy farms, my wife in Pennsylvania and myself in Maryland. After getting married we had a small dairy farm of our own for eight years. We then moved out west. We got into milking goats just as a side job. Goats were a lot less costly and I was glad to still provide my family with raw milk. We made fresh goat cheese which we were able to sell.  Having a farm in the country was the perfect place for raising our family. Animals were always such a big part of our lives. My children didn’t only care for our own animals, but always got involved in doing feeding and caring for others.

We have always dreamed of getting back into milking cows, so a few years ago we sold the family goat and replaced her with a Jersey cow. She had a lame foot when we bought her. We loved her; cared and treated her foot for months and in return she supplied us with that wonderful, creamy milk. But finally, with aching hearts, we decided to put her down. Her foot condition, a result from her previous dairy life, started to take a toll on her. We soon were able to purchase another healthy Jersey.  Our friends and family also loved the milk we shared with them. We soon had to purchase another and another till we ended up with six beautiful, healthy Jerseys. Almost all the dairy products that you find on our table today are from our own cows. What we cannot use ourselves or share with others goes to feeding my son-in-laws pigs.


My 6 children that are still at home.

With six children, out of ten, still at home working beside me, together with my son-in-law, we are finally able to make our dream come true. These Jerseys have been blessing us beyond all expectations: rich butter, soft cheeses, sour cream, cold glasses of milk, frozen kefir sherbets, heaping bowls of ice cream and so much more. Once again our dream comes into focus; we want to share this goodness with our fellow man, thus the name Golden Rule Dairy. Our priority is to provide you milk fresh and unprocessed; the way the cows give it to us, the way we serve it to our families.

My Son-n-law, Micah Garcia (Part Owner) and family.

There is nothing better than a small dairy farm with healthy, happy cows! It also fulfills my dream of having a place where we can all work together as a family in a clean environment. It doesn’t only give us a sense of accomplishment, but also a satisfaction that we are producing amazing, healthy, raw milk and are raising animals that are happy and glad to produce it for us. We get to work together as a family doing something that we all enjoy! We strive to produce the freshest, creamiest and most delicious raw milk. We love this milk and are so excited to be able to share it with you. We thank you all for making this dream possible!


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