Does Golden Rule Dairy Sell Raw Milk?

Golden Rule Dairy does not sell raw milk or any raw dairy products because of Given Federal Regulations.. We can however sell you a share in our beautiful herd of Jersey cows in which you can receive delicious and nutritiously beneficial milk produced by the cows you hold in your share of the herd.  This is called a Herd-Share.

How a herd share works?

A herd share is a portion of the herd.  In the state of Arizona it is illegal to sell raw milk or raw milk products without a license. However it is legal to purchase a “share” in the herd of our Jersey cows. You become a joint owner of the herd and in exchange for paying a monthly boarding and care fee; you are supplied with the raw milk from your part of the herd weekly. There is a contract that arranges this between the farmer and the owner of the herd.

How much does a herd share cost?

To buy a share in our Jersey cows is $30. You will be charged another additional $30 for each share you purchase. This fee is a life time fee and is reimbursable if you ever want to leave the program. If you want to purchase a half share it would be $15.

How much milk do I get from one share?

You receive 1 gallon of milk per share. You can always add more share(s) “gallons” at anytime. We also do half shares which is equal to a half gallon.

What is a boarding fee?

You are charged $40 per month per share. This fee is paying for a place for your Jersey cow to stay, your cows’ hay and grain, her maintenance, for us to milk her and to deliver the milk near you weekly.