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Grade AA Eggs!


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 Why are eggs from our farm so much better?

Well, that’s easy to say! Our pampered, happy hens are free ranged! This means they have lots of space to exercise and room to forage for bugs and greens in the fresh air and natural sunshine. Our chickens are fed a homemade, Non-GMO, corn free mix. This mix is made with Non-Gmo alfalfa. Alfalfa is an awesome super food for chickens consisting of lots of calcium, phosphorus, vitamins, minerals etc… Kelp is also added for its abundance of micronutrients, flax seed for it’s natural oils & Omega 3s and many other goodies!

What a chicken eats is what is in the egg, so we find if very important to only feed them the very best! This makes for highly nutritious and fantastic tasting eggs! 
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