Have you ever made your own homemade butter? Maybe you have wanted to try it but never was quite sure how it worked? I will tell you now, butter making is a very simple easy task that I think anyone can accomplish. There are just a few steps to follow and you will be whipping up your own butter in no time!

There are a few different ways to make butter; churn it in an old fashion butter churn, place the cream in a jar and shake it (my kids like to do this) or the easy and fast way of putting it into your blender. Each way varies in time, but the same process is done for them all. I am here today to show you how to beat up 1 pound of butter in your blender in less than a half hour.

First of all you will need to take the cream off the top of your raw milk. I find that older cream works better then fresh.  {it should be at least 5 days old} I let the cream sit out for about 15 minutes. This warms it down a bit and speeds up the process. You can then use your skimmed milk to make yogurt, that way nothing goes to waste. I use a stainless steel ladle and scoop the cream out carefully. {Don’t feel bad if you get a little of the milk along with the cream, it will not harm your butter making process} Once you are finished with separating the cream from the milk go ahead and place it into your blender. You are now ready for step two!

Turn your blender onto high speed and let sit. After being beat for a bit, you will notice that the cream doesn’t look like it is moving around anymore. Continue to leave it on high speed. It will then all start turning and you can tell that the butter is separating from the butter milk. Leave it for a bit longer until your butter milk turns to a white milky looking color. Your blender will probably start to die down at this point. Shut off the blender, open up the lid and if it looks like the picture above, it is ready to be taken out.

Dump all the contents into a strainer to let some of the excess buttermilk run off. {be sure to save your buttermilk for all those amazing buttermilk recipes}

You will then place your butter into a bowl and you are now ready to knead the rest of the buttermilk out.

Pour ice water over the butter {making the water really cold works great to keep the butter from getting too soft} You will then start kneading it. After kneading it for a bit you will dump off the water and pour fresh on.

You will continue doing this until your water is clear after you have kneaded it. Try to drain as much water off as possible.

If you like your butter salted, this is the time to add it. We use a pink Himalayan salt, but any kind will work just fine. I add about 1 tsp. for 1 lb. Work in…

I like to take it out of the bowl at this time and really squeeze and press it to get the last drops of buttermilk out and to get the salt mixed evenly.

And there you have it! Wasn’t that easy? You can now use it right away, or package it up and place it in the freezer where it keeps very nicely for later use!

If you ever have a question or need some pointers, never hesitate to email or call me! I will be glad to assist you farther!!