What Do We Feed Our Cows?

The importance of QUALITY feeding.

Everything a cow consumes goes into the milk that we drink, so it is very important to know what your cows is being fed.

We take lots of time and care in making feed for our cows. We feed for quality not quantity. Even though the diet that we have formulated doesn’t keep them producing the highest quantity of milk, it helps them to stay healthy and produce high quality milk!

Our cows are not able to be out on green pasture all year round so we have come up with a feeding program that comes very close to having the same nutrients as green grass.

They are strictly grass fed, no grains! We feed them a mix of non-GMO alfalfa and straw that is soaked with our own fermented barley water and kefir water. These two waters help us to achieve the nutrition the cows need and also makes rich, sweet milk full of probiotics and high in enzymes!

Our goal for the future is to grow all our own hay as well as having the girls out on green pasture. With the support we have been receiving from all our amazing customers/friends, we are getting closer to reaching that goal. A big thank you from the families here at Golden Rule Dairy! 🙂