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As we watch our cows grazing peacefully in the pasture, laying in the shade of the pines, or chewing their cud with their eyes half closed in complete satisfaction, we are quickly reminded of how milk cows were raised and treasured in times gone by. Almost all families had a favorite family cow who supplied them with rich creamy milk that they used in its raw and natural state, exactly the way it was intended to be. Whether you prefer churning it into creamy butter, making a batch of fresh ice-cream to share with a friend, whipping it into cream to compliment your favorite dish, enjoy making cheeses, cultured into your favorite kefir drink or you just want to enjoy a glass of cold raw milk, we are excited to be able to share this amazing experience with you!!

Unpasteurized  ~  Unhomogenized  ~  No Hormones  ~ No Antibiotics  

Non GMO  ~  No Corn  ~   No Soy  ~  Grain Free

Golden Rule Dairy does not sell raw milk because of given federal regulations. We are at this time working towards becoming certified. We will soon be supplying fresh raw Jersey milk.

Please contact Golden Rule Dairy for more information.